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Where to go

We made a list of the places we like to visit.
For more information ask administrator and take a free map at the living room.


Here you can have nice and affordable meals.

“Corsica “ cafe

Island of a nice atmosphere for a company to have good time.

Kuibisheva str. 9

3 minutes walk.


Carl Marx pr., 12


Across the street

“Deja vu” café

Simple and nice to everyone menu of the European cuisine, nice interior with lots of details, civil personnel, fast and good service – we are glad to recommend the best.

Lenin pr.,.20

5 minutes walk.


“Mansarda” café

Anohina str., 1, (“Aura center”)


15 minutes walk

"Pogrebok" cafe

A cozy cafe in the center of Petrozavodsk!
Delicious Russian cuisine, flavored coffee!
A variety of teas to suit your taste.
As well as a choice of set meals for just 150 rubles.

Kirova str. 8a

located next door to the hostel

The "Кухня"

Молодежное место с вкусной Кухней и демократичными ценами. На втором этаже чайная и кальянная. Домашняя обстановка и всегда интересная компания.

пр. Ленина, 7

5 минут пешком от хостела


Our city has clubs of any taste. More details and personal opinion can be asked from Hostel administrator

Restaurant-club “Begemote”

Restaurant-club “Begemote”

Intelligent Restaurant-club “Begemote” –  music, nice food, books, thoughts, emotions, joy!

Dzerzinskogo str., 7

ул. Дзержинского, 7
+7 (8142) 59-40-11

3 minutes walk


“Studio 16” club

"Studio 16” club"

One of the dtst clubs of the city. Here you will get a good mood, food and emotions.

Dzerzinskogo str., 3

+7 (953) 540-16-16


3 minutes walk

ZEFIR club

ZEFIR club – one club-three “rooms”. Only place in the city with three harmonic dance floors with absolutely different music content.

Krasnaya str., 10

7 minutes walk

Restaurant-club “ONEGIN”

Restaurant-club “ONEGIN”

Restaurant-club “ONEGIN” – is an incarnation of respectable atmosphere and freedom. “ONEGIN” is a result of creating the comfortable leisure.

5 minutes by taxi


“Kontakt” club

Night club “Kontakt” – one of the interesting places on the club map of Petrozavodsk – a must visit place. Everybody will find the place for oneself here.

Krasnaya str., 36

6 minutes walk


Places for those, who like active time with friends. Administrator knows more, if you need.

Billiard club “12 feet”

 Billiard club “12 feet” – 9 12-feet tables for Russian billiard, 6 9-feet pool tables and relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Kirova str., 8-b (2nd floor)

2nd floor of our building

Bowling club “On the roof”

Bowling club “On the roof” – a lightfull, nice and comfortable place for leisure with family or friends. Exciting game in a cozy atmosphere and good food.

Gorkogo str., 25

10 minutes walk


Karaoke club “SOLOl”

Karaoke club “SOLO” – From Wednesday to Saturday there is a true music show with you as a star.

Communalnaya str., 20
+7 (8142) 63-45-54

10 minutes walk

Anticafe ‘Nice place” (“Horoshee mesto”)

Anticafe ‘Nice place” (“Horoshee mesto”) – more than 300 table games, unlimited coffee, tea and cookies, game consoles, table hockey, kicker, giant Jenga, mega-twister and other funs of a life. All of it FOR FREE! You pay only for the time there

F.Engelsa str., 13

5 minutes walk



“Aquatica” is a modern sport center for active sports. Swimming center with 25-metres pool, finish and turkish saunas, hydro massage and tubes.

Pushkinskaya str., 7

3 minutes walk

Active time spending

Karelia is a land of lakes and rivers. It is a right place for activities on the open air.

“Karjala park”

Open air activities, day tours.

Distance from Petrozavodsk 33 km

“Aviator tour”

Off road tours and expeditions in Karelia


Museum-natural resort “Kizi”

Kizi – island in the Onega lake 68 km from Petrozavodsk – capital of Karelia. It an open air museum  of the native peasant culture and life in the Russian north. One of the largest museums in Russia.http://kizhi.karelia.ru/whatson/excursions


Zoo complex “Tri medvedya” (“Three bears’)

Complex is 68 km. from Petrozavodsk on the Syamozero lake. 3 hectares of land in a wild untouched wood with wild animal: bears, raccoon dog, bobcat, wolfs, weasels, chincilas and other.http://www.zookompleks.ru

Stadium “Junost”

Volleyball and basketball court, chin-up bars, open skating court in the winter.

2 minutes walk


Culture sites

You must visit our theatres. Administrator will help you book the tickets.

Music theatre of Karelia.

Music theatre of Karelia – the largest scene in Karelia, modernly equipped. The hall  is for 607 seats. Repertoire is mainly opera and ballet.

Kirova sq., 4

+7 (8142) 78-37-38
Next street.


Art museum of Karelia

Art museum is a collection of art-pieces, granted by Karelian regional museum (ancient Russian art, Russian art  of XVII – XIX centuries, works of the Karelian masters, Karelian national and western European art). The museum is supported by Russian Museum, State Tretiakov gallery and Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg.

K. Marx pr. 8
+7 (8142) 78-37-13

next street from Hostel

Muppet theatre of Karelia

It is across the street from our hostel – one of the oldest Muppet theatres in Russia, professional repertoire theatre with 75 years of history and traditions.

K. Marx pr. 19

+7 (8142) 78-50-92

Across the street

Национальный театр КарелииKarelian national theatre.

It is across the street from our hostel is the only theater in Russia, that performs in Finnish language.  They plays are Finnish, Swedish, Russian and foreign dramas. Comedies, world classics, experimental and traditional Petrozavodsk, Karelian, Saint-Petersburg and German works.  The plays are staged in Finnish and Karelian languages with simultaneous interpretation to Russian.

K. Marx pr. 19

+7 (8142) 78-50-92

Across the street

Медиа-центр «Vыход»

Это творческая площадка для  актуального искусства Карелии, проектов в различных жанрах и направлениях. , в летние месяцы и новогодние праздники, медиа-центр представляет специальные проекты, ориентированные на туристов и гостей  Карелии: выставки, интерактивные программы, мастер-классы. Вход на выставки, лекторий по современному искусству, а также многие другие мероприятия – свободный.
Круглый год в  медиа-центре «Vыход» работает магазин карельских сувениров и подарков KarelianCraft.

вторник – суббота с 12:00 до 19:00

пр. К. Маркса, 14
+7 (8142) 76–14–41

на соседней улице от хостела


We share the discount card with you (return is obligatory).

“Aura” shopping center.

The complex in the very center of the city. Dress, shoe, accessories, cosmetics, goods for kids and other shops, the largest online shop office “Ulmart”, groceries can be found there, as well as the café and restaurants with nice food and snacks.

Anohina str., 41

+7 (8142) 76-64-82

“Lotos plaza”

It is the most ambitious shopping center project in Karelia. It includes new formats (for Karelia) of the trade^ first local MediaMarkt; international brands of closes and footwear; DIY and a furniture center. It also includes a large game zone, fitness center with a swimming pool, food court and a panoramic restaurant; all the year ice arena.

Lesnoi pr., 47

+7 (8142) 22 22 00


It is more than a shopping! The 5th and 6th floors are the 6-hall movie theatre and almost 2000 sq.m. of the game zone for kids, equipped by the “Game station” company. The 4th floor is a food court for different food tastes.

Merechkogo str., 11

+7 (8142) 57-31-83

15 minutes walk

Shopping house “Karelia”

It is a shopping center  of the regional level, presenting the goods for all kinds of customers. It is rightfully a traditional shopping spot for the families.

Kirova str., 2

+7 (8142) 76-95-70

Across the street

“MAXI” shopping center

It is a place of a nice shopping, meeting with friends and entertainment for kids! Brand shops are in the gallery for closes, footwear, accessories, jewelry. There is also a multi-room movie theatre “Mirage cinema”, kids center “Deifi”. The of the floors have cafes and canteens, 4 concepts food court.

Lenin pr., 14

+7 (8142) 76-97-09

minutes walk  (central prospect of the city)